OnTharHill is a meeting point.

Well, not really.

Let me explain.

As you walk steeply from the river to this spot high up a slope, thoughts of time and place and immediacy and pressure fade. They fall behind, give up, tell you they’ll just stay on the shore and watch the water trickle by.

Good, you say, sit there and I’ll go ahead, to up there on thar hill, high up and far away.

Stomping through the forest, you get an occasional peek through the dazzling green canopy at the endpoint ahead.

The view is to a place otherwordly, at once like nothing and everything you have ever seen before.

Fantastic creatures roam, familiar humans and unknown animals side by side in an extraordinary scene.

Up there, on thar hill, is a castle in the sky where colour and shape and meaning come together.

They meet in the mind and works of Claire McKnight, permanent artist in resident, right up here OnTharHill.

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